Caitlin. (sporadicxchaos) wrote,

Hair. [pt. 1]

Before I post pictures.

What color should the blonde bit be?

Aqua or pink? Or blue?

The aqua was amazingly pretty when I last put it in my hair.
But the pink was amazingly bright.
& blue is. Idk. I dont have an opinion.

& with that.

Possibly my favorite hair. So so old though. Like. December last year.

Pink owns.

I dont know. Is this nice? Pfft.

& just because.

My shirt rules over any of your shirts.
: D

Ps: Spice Girls! Im just too excited.
Pps: Ordered new Psyclon Nine shirt & that poster they were using for the last tour. Dont get them til Christmas. Gay shit.
Ppps: MSI ARE COMING TO AUSTRALIA!!!!! If I dont get to go Im going to cry.

The end.
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